Mostly in offices and homes, people like to establish a network through which multiple devices can be connected to the internet. And through that network, you can also connect every device with each other, so that it can perform and work together, share files and documents with each other.

To create this kind network you need to have a router installed in your workplace. This router could be wired or wireless. So here I am discussing wireless router, and we are also going to know how it works.

What is Wireless Router?

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A wireless Router is a kind of router that can be used wirelessly and it will help you to create a wireless access point. With the help of this router, you can connect multiple devices to the internet and also can create a network for connecting devices with each other. In this network, you could share documents, files, and multimedia with each other.

And everyone can work together in a particular project through this network. The router is secured with password and user Id, which allows only the admin to enter its settings. Every router has its own IP address that makes it identical on the internet. You can allow guest users according to your desire so that some selected friends or persons can access your network.

Some features of Wireless Router:

The wireless router that you use at your workplace has some amazing features that help it to work so efficiently. So following are the features of wireless Router.

  • Every wireless router has security encryption so that no one can access the network without having the password.
  • The filtering MAC address feature allows you to select some particular device that you want to add to your network.
  • The guest access facility helps you to add some friends or persons as a guest; you can select the number of guest user you want to add.
  • By clicking the factory default settings, you can set back the settings of the router as it was at the time of release from the factory.

The wireless router is a very helpful device for connecting multiple devices to a network without using any wire. So the above mentioned are some of the brief detail of this amazing device that will help you to know more about this device. So comment below if you had to share some thoughts regarding this article.

What is Wireless Router: Ultimate Guide For Begineers

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