How to CC or carbon copy an email to be sent to multiple addressees.
The To: field, of course, is all you need to address a message in Windows Live Hotmail.

What if you want to avoid a long litany of email address in that field (say, when distributing your latest do-it-yourself adventures), or need to copy somebody
without their address visible to other recipients? this is easy and I’m sure you will be able to follow these simple steps.

For these needs, you get Bcc: — blind carbon copy. Recipients in this field will get a copy alright, but their addresses are deleted before the message is delivered (to all recipients).

Windows Live Hotmail does not expose the Bcc: field right away, but adding recipients to it is still easy.

Add a CC or Bcc: Recipient to a Message in Windows Live Hotmail

To add recipients to the CC or Bcc: field when composing a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click Show Cc & Bcc (right above the To: line and look to the right).
Type the desired recipient’s email address in the CC or Bcc: field or use the Bcc: button to select people from your contacts.
If you add more than one recipient, separate them with semicolons (like: “;”).
Using CC or Bcc:, you can also send an email to “undisclosed recipients” from Windows Live Hotmail. Just keep adding them in the To field as much as you want before sending the email.

How to Use CC On Hotmail

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