Today it seems you’re nobody unless you have your own video channel. Whether to show off, to have a good time, or simply to share videos with your friends, you should know how it works Youtube. But if it’s your first time you can walk a bit disoriented. Here we tell you how to upload videos on YouTube.

The first, of course, is to register with Youtube. This platform will ask for some information, like an e-mail address, your personal information (name, phone number …), I asked for a contestant and allow you to choose a username. If you already have an account Gmail can take advantage by entering your username and password and without creating a new account. You create a channel to publish directly.

How to Upload videos on Youtube

Steps To Upload video in YouTube:

After this process, one only has to login (there is a button to press top right), and upload video to give us will form this display:

Like everything that belongs to the universe Google ‘s simplicity is its hallmark. You see, there are several options. On the Home screen gives us the option to upload a video file directly from your desktop. It can be a video that we recorded with our camera or mobile and you want to upload as is or, for more advanced users, a video that we have previously published on our computer.

But we can create it at the time: in the menu on the right gives us the option to change your computer’s webcam and record us just then making a speech or performance, or telling a joke.

It also incorporates the ability to create a slide show from the pictures we have on our computer. All in easy steps (you just have to drag a window).

Whatever the option chose, the most important thing to remember privacy settings before you start uploading your video: just below the selection window video A pop-up allows us to determine if the video going to be able to see the general public, is to keep hidden or the level of privacy we determine (that we only see our friends, for example).

The finished video will appear hop link to a form you can fill in additional information: title, description, tags (keywords that have to do with the content of the video) and the possibility of ascribing it to a category. Do not rush and Rellana While this information: it is what will make people who are interested can find your content. So think of a sexy ‘title’ in the description and add any information you find relevant to contextualise the video (if it is a joke, an experiment, a dedication, a performance claim or action).

By the way, good if brief, twice good. Youtube input limits you to fifteen minutes. That’s enough, right?

How to Upload videos on Youtube : Create Youtube Channel

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