However, Uber may have dealt another blow to Left with this release for Android. Before Uber released a driver app that drivers can use on their own phones, many drivers use two phones, their own personal phone, and the other one is for “Uber iPhone.” This opportunity will help to many drivers to drive on both platforms without any risk. Many of us would use them simultaneously. It was a cumbersome process to operate two separate phones, especially when either of them can go off at any second and you are also trying not to miss any requests because of the various guarantees for that particular weekend or month.

After Uber released the Uber Driver app for the iPhone, some drivers had to use both Lyft and Uber on the same phone. This made it more difficult to operate both apps, now that both of them are available on the same phone. Based on the above research, it would only affect only about 11% of Lyft Drivers who also drive on Uber.

Now that Uber released their app on Android also, its used for more drivers to use both apps on the same device. It can force drivers to pick one or the other because of the complexity of operating both apps on the same phone.


Uber app For Android : How to Download it for Free

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