How to Get Rid of Spam Messages

One of the common ways to get rid of a spam message from your inbox is to click on the message and click “Mark as Spam”. However, if you receive spam messages regularly, that would be inefficient, especially if you check emails on a regular basis.

On your inbox page, click on the Setting (or gear) icon and click “More Mail Settings”. You will be transferred to a different page where you can find the “Preventing Junk Email” section, click the “Filters and Reporting” button under it. On the next page, mark the circle beside Exclusive then click the Save button below.

Another option is to block the email address or domains associated with the spam messages also on the Preventing Junk Email section by clicking “Safe and Blocked Senders” button then Blocked Senders button, where you can type or copy/paste the domain or email address that has been sending spam messages to the box on the left and make sure that the address is listed on the Blocked Senders box.

Remember not to open suspicious emails especially if there are links with it. In case there will still be messages that are considered spam after going through the whole process, you may still get rid of by clicking on the boxes beside the messages and click the Mark as Spam button. Nevertheless, it is easier nowadays to identify whether a message is spam or not based on the subject or the sender’s name.

How to change font size In Hotmail

How to change font size in hotmail.

Tiny fonts are so hard to read, and big fonts take up so much space… If you use the rich-text editor of Windows Live Hotmail, you can choose the perfect font size yourself.

Change the Font Size in Windows Live Hotmail Messages


To change the font size in a message you compose in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click on the Font size item in the message formatting toolbar.
Select the desired size from the drop-down menu that comes up.
Note: if you send a message using custom font sizes from Windows Live Hotmail, be sure the recipient appreciates it and is able to receive emails in HTML format.

You can also change the default font size for new messages in Windows Live Hotmail by doing this simple steps:

Please find the below given instructions to change the font size on your email account

1. Log in to your Hotmail account with your MSN email id
2. At the upper-right corner of the page, click Options and then select More options on the dropdown menu.
3. Under Writing email, click Message font and signature
4. Select the Font and size which you prefer. You may want to consider the person you are emailing to if they will be able to appreciate your chosen font and size. Too small for old people may give them a very hard time to read your email.
5. Click Save.

Another tip is simply hold CTRL button and plus (+) sign to enlarge your screen or zoom in.

How to Use CC On Hotmail

How to CC or carbon copy an email to be sent to multiple addressees.
The To: field, of course, is all you need to address a message in Windows Live Hotmail.

What if you want to avoid a long litany of email address in that field (say, when distributing your latest do-it-yourself adventures), or need to copy somebody
without their address visible to other recipients? this is easy and I’m sure you will be able to follow these simple steps.

For these needs, you get Bcc: — blind carbon copy. Recipients in this field will get a copy alright, but their addresses are deleted before the message is delivered (to all recipients).

Windows Live Hotmail does not expose the Bcc: field right away, but adding recipients to it is still easy.

Add a CC or Bcc: Recipient to a Message in Windows Live Hotmail

To add recipients to the CC or Bcc: field when composing a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click Show Cc & Bcc (right above the To: line and look to the right).
Type the desired recipient’s email address in the CC or Bcc: field or use the Bcc: button to select people from your contacts.
If you add more than one recipient, separate them with semicolons (like: “;”).
Using CC or Bcc:, you can also send an email to “undisclosed recipients” from Windows Live Hotmail. Just keep adding them in the To field as much as you want before sending the email.

Hotmail how to check login history which has now recently changed to has a special account security analysis page, which is called  “Recent activity.”
Well what exactly is it? Well, It’s a security feature, introduced by Microsoft within your inbox via which, you can see when and where you’ve used your account. In short it’s a page where you can see your Hotmail login history. For each activity done via your email address, the page keeps the data of several things. Such as the description of the activity, the date and time and the location from where the activity was occurred.


Why would someone want to view the Login history?
The “Recent Activity” page would be really resourceful if you think that someone-else is accessing your email account.
In other words it shows you whether or not your Hotmail account is hacked or if someone is trying to get into your account.
This security page accurately shows you the IP address and the operating system of the device that was used to sign in to your account.

View Hotmail Login History

Go to your Hotmail Inbox.
Click on your name, on the top right hand corner of the screen
Select Account Settings
Sign In using your email password, if prompted.
Select “Security & Privacy“
Click “See my recent activity” within Account security.
Scroll down and view the list of activities. If you see any suspicious activity such as “Successful Sign-In” from a location that you think is not your’s, then it’s high time you increase the security of your email account.