Microsoft: Since it was made official buying Nokia, they said the company name would appear on the new devices indefinitely, as it was part of the purchase agreement, however, Microsoft does not own the trademark rights for the acquisition was made on technology and mobile products division. Nokia remains and part of its ongoing efforts are focused on keeping their platform geo-location HERE.

Thus, the favorable growth experienced Microsoft in the mobile sector, a report suggests that the name of Nokia will no longer be used in the coming months and that the devices 730 and 830, announced at IFA, be the last to bring the behalf of Nokia, the company that for 15 years dominated the world market for mobile telephony.This means that future smartphones to announce the company will be known as “Lumia” brand that the company itself acquired for use and marketing.

Microsoft says Goodbye to Nokia as a Mark of their mobile

The document also indicates that it will stop using gradually, the name for its Windows Phone mobile operating system to refer to it as Windows, which is already apparent in the notices of the latest models.This is part of a plan to unify the nuclei of Windows, which Microsoft launched a while; The idea is that developers can write code that is compatible with both platforms (mobile and PC) and then make the necessary adjustments for each, as well as the consortium, wants to give a new identity to Windows environment will become ” one “between smartphones, tablets, PCs and Xbox.

There is no exact date for when this happens, but judging by the facts, the change could be really close to fruition.

Microsoft says Goodbye to Nokia as a Mark of their mobile

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