www.hotmail.com which has now recently changed to Outlook.com has a special account security analysis page, which is called  “Recent activity.”
Well what exactly is it? Well, It’s a security feature, introduced by Microsoft within your inbox via which, you can see when and where you’ve used your account. In short it’s a page where you can see your Hotmail login history. For each activity done via your email address, the page keeps the data of several things. Such as the description of the activity, the date and time and the location from where the activity was occurred.


Why would someone want to view the Login history?
The “Recent Activity” page would be really resourceful if you think that someone-else is accessing your Outlook.com email account.
In other words it shows you whether or not your Hotmail account is hacked or if someone is trying to get into your account.
This security page accurately shows you the IP address and the operating system of the device that was used to sign in to your account.

View Hotmail Login History

Go to your Hotmail Inbox.
Click on your name, on the top right hand corner of the screen
Select Account Settings
Sign In using your email password, if prompted.
Select “Security & Privacy“
Click “See my recent activity” within Account security.
Scroll down and view the list of activities. If you see any suspicious activity such as “Successful Sign-In” from a location that you think is not your’s, then it’s high time you increase the security of your email account.

Hotmail how to check login history

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