One of the common ways to get rid of a spam message from your inbox is to click on the message and click “Mark as Spam”. However, if you receive spam messages regularly, that would be inefficient, especially if you check emails on a regular basis.

On your inbox page, click on the Setting (or gear) icon and click “More Mail Settings”. You will be transferred to a different page where you can find the “Preventing Junk Email” section, click the “Filters and Reporting” button under it. On the next page, mark the circle beside Exclusive then click the Save button below.

Another option is to block the email address or domains associated with the spam messages also on the Preventing Junk Email section by clicking “Safe and Blocked Senders” button then Blocked Senders button, where you can type or copy/paste the domain or email address that has been sending spam messages to the box on the left and make sure that the address is listed on the Blocked Senders box.

Remember not to open suspicious emails especially if there are links with it. In case there will still be messages that are considered spam after going through the whole process, you may still get rid of by clicking on the boxes beside the messages and click the Mark as Spam button. Nevertheless, it is easier nowadays to identify whether a message is spam or not based on the subject or the sender’s name.

How to Get Rid of Spam Messages

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  • offers a “virtual broom” which allow users to delete or move large amounts of emails into specified folders based on the sender’s information.

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