How to Upload videos on Youtube : Create Youtube Channel

Today it seems you’re nobody unless you have your own video channel. Whether to show off, to have a good time, or simply to share videos with your friends, you should know how it works Youtube. But if it’s your first time you can walk a bit disoriented. Here we tell you how to upload videos on YouTube.

The first, of course, is to register with Youtube. This platform will ask for some information, like an e-mail address, your personal information (name, phone number …), I asked for a contestant and allow you to choose a username. If you already have an account Gmail can take advantage by entering your username and password and without creating a new account. You create a channel to publish directly.

How to Upload videos on Youtube

Steps To Upload video in YouTube:

After this process, one only has to login (there is a button to press top right), and upload video to give us will form this display:

Like everything that belongs to the universe Google ‘s simplicity is its hallmark. You see, there are several options. On the Home screen gives us the option to upload a video file directly from your desktop. It can be a video that we recorded with our camera or mobile and you want to upload as is or, for more advanced users, a video that we have previously published on our computer.

But we can create it at the time: in the menu on the right gives us the option to change your computer’s webcam and record us just then making a speech or performance, or telling a joke.

It also incorporates the ability to create a slide show from the pictures we have on our computer. All in easy steps (you just have to drag a window).

Whatever the option chose, the most important thing to remember privacy settings before you start uploading your video: just below the selection window video A pop-up allows us to determine if the video going to be able to see the general public, is to keep hidden or the level of privacy we determine (that we only see our friends, for example).

The finished video will appear hop link to a form you can fill in additional information: title, description, tags (keywords that have to do with the content of the video) and the possibility of ascribing it to a category. Do not rush and Rellana While this information: it is what will make people who are interested can find your content. So think of a sexy ‘title’ in the description and add any information you find relevant to contextualise the video (if it is a joke, an experiment, a dedication, a performance claim or action).

By the way, good if brief, twice good. Youtube input limits you to fifteen minutes. That’s enough, right?

Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker Launched in India

Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker: The creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker is made available in India officially and this can be purchased for an attractive price of Rs. 14, 999. The New System is available in India exclusively for the Amazon Price in India and this come loaded with useful features.

This was launched last year originally and the creative sound blaster roar taken quite a long time to make its debut in India. The System is powerful and packs a punch through the high quality audio output. This features like full metal design with a grille like finish throughout the body and chassis to reduce the unwanted power consumption.

Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker Launched in India:

Inside creative loaded its speaker system using 2-high performance amplifiers which power upto 5 drivers and the subwoofer built-in is well for high bass output. These are combined proprietary technologies like Roar, TeraBass and Megastero for rich experience.

Apart from ability to play MP3 Files device also supports AAC and aptX HD Codecs. Various connectivity features are also available onboard and the creative device will be able to get the Smartphone’s and tablets hooked up with NFC where streaming happens via Bluetooth. There is a built-in Microphone which is used for hands-free voice calls.

The Sound blaster is light-weighted at 1.2Kg which makes it easy to carry. There is huge 6000mAh Li-ion battery which can be delivered up to 8 Hours of music playback. User will be able to juice up the Smartphone just by connecting to the system using the USB Port.

Uber app For Android : How to Download it for Free

However, Uber may have dealt another blow to Left with this release for Android. Before Uber released a driver app that drivers can use on their own phones, many drivers use two phones, their own personal phone, and the other one is for “Uber iPhone.” This opportunity will help to many drivers to drive on both platforms without any risk. Many of us would use them simultaneously. It was a cumbersome process to operate two separate phones, especially when either of them can go off at any second and you are also trying not to miss any requests because of the various guarantees for that particular weekend or month.

After Uber released the Uber Driver app for the iPhone, some drivers had to use both Lyft and Uber on the same phone. This made it more difficult to operate both apps, now that both of them are available on the same phone. Based on the above research, it would only affect only about 11% of Lyft Drivers who also drive on Uber.

Now that Uber released their app on Android also, its used for more drivers to use both apps on the same device. It can force drivers to pick one or the other because of the complexity of operating both apps on the same phone.


Best Game hacking for PC – Download and Install

You seem to be so embraced with your game. It is too annoying to play games when we can’t complete some level at a time right? Well, you don’t have to worry or panic about it, I will share you some of the few tutorial tips so that you can hack games on your PC.

Here are some of the required tools that you will need while hacking games on your PC.

Memory Editing Program:

You will be able to find this on your internet websites; hence I will show you with some of the tutorials below.

1. Artmoney: This is new software that is exactly used for searching memory, as that comes in freeware and shareware versions. But you will find only one difference between both freeware and the shareware version.


2. Cheat Engine: This software is same alike the Artmoney, it works the same, searching for the memory from your preference network.

Similar to this software’s there are some of the few best software that you can use some other tools such as like TSearch (freeware), MemoryGutterXP, etc. You can definitely search for this software’s on the internet if you do want to adopt some different programs.

Here is the optional tool:

1. Lucky Patcher downloads for PC: Using lucky patcher downloads on your PC you will be able to block all types of ads on your PC while playing games like Pokemon Go and many other. Installing this on your PC you can not only block those unwanted ads and the pop-ups that interrupt during the play. I would rather suggest you download and install this software on your PC and enjoy its unique features.

lucky patcher downloads

2. Enter the Matrix: It is also one of the best software’s to hack games on your PC for example while playing Pokémon go games. You just need to select the hacking option from the main menu and start with your respective games.

These are some of my few software collections for hacking PC games. You can undoubtedly download today and install it on your PC before playing any games. Enjoy its features and the unique hacking tools will help you out in any games. If you have any related queries, please do comment in the comment box.

Now PC version of Tubemate Launched : Download it For Free

PC version of Tubemate Launched: In this article, I am going to share with you how to download youtube videos on your Computer/Laptop through Tubemate app for PC. In this advanced technology world, there are many youtube downloader android applications available in app store, but few of them gain more popular among users. If you like to know about the highly preferred and superior downloader app, you can read this article I am sure this is very useful.

Tubemate is one of the effective and fantastic youtube downloader android applications that help you to obtain lots of useful benefits. The most outstanding android application is not available for PC, so you can use the perfect supporting tool. While speaking about the Bluestacks Android Emulator, it is an extraordinary tool that helps you to get tubemate for PC.

Is Tubemate app Available For PC Version? Here is your Answer:

tubemate-for-windows pc

The Tubemate is an excellent android application that provides with lots of advanced features and specifications. By using this application, you can simply download lots of videos easily from Youtube. For this side, most of the people interested to use this exclusive application again and again. At now, most of the people like to Download Tubemate app For PC.

There are different ways available to download the Tubemate, but the unique one brings you some additional conveniences. The Bluestacks emulator is an excellent tool that surely helps you to get the Youtube Downloader For PC or Computer without any risk.


  • Tubemate application is an exclusive application that supports you to download your favourite YouTube videos in a simple way.
  • You can effectively download the youtube videos in several formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4 and more.
    Additionally, you can specify the exact quality or specification of any video you like to download such as low resolution or highly resolution HD videos
  • By using this Tubemate application, you can easily download the audio file or stream from your youtube videos

How to change display name

Firstly you need to do Hotmail login account, This is the quick steps on how you’ll change your display name in using Hotmail.

Change Display Name in

  • First, you will click on your username in the top right corner of the page.
  • You will choose “Edit Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  • On the next screen,you will click on the Edit link next to your current display name:
  • On the final page, you will enter your first name and last name, as you’d like them to appear and now you will click Save.
  • In this factor when you are changing your sensitive account information. If you’ve added two-factor authentication to your account, you’ll need to verify a code sent to your cell phone or secondary email address. There are some rules in verifying your account these are the guidelines.
  • First, choose the Send Code and confirm it.
  • You will finally click on the “Billing Info” sub-link. (Note that if you don’t subscribe to Ad-free / Hotmail Plus, or have any kind of billed activity with this Microsoft account, you won’t see that sub-link; if that’s the case, you are done!) Otherwise, click on the “Edit Profile” link.
  • Update your first name and your last name, and click on the Save button at the bottom after this you are now done in changing your display name and feel free to access this account again. Remember this simple steps always follow the rules to make it easier. One more thing you will send your current phone number to verify your code if not there are some instances that your account cannot be accessed without your confirmation code.

How to Get Rid of Spam Messages

One of the common ways to get rid of a spam message from your inbox is to click on the message and click “Mark as Spam”. However, if you receive spam messages regularly, that would be inefficient, especially if you check emails on a regular basis.

On your inbox page, click on the Setting (or gear) icon and click “More Mail Settings”. You will be transferred to a different page where you can find the “Preventing Junk Email” section, click the “Filters and Reporting” button under it. On the next page, mark the circle beside Exclusive then click the Save button below.

Another option is to block the email address or domains associated with the spam messages also on the Preventing Junk Email section by clicking “Safe and Blocked Senders” button then Blocked Senders button, where you can type or copy/paste the domain or email address that has been sending spam messages to the box on the left and make sure that the address is listed on the Blocked Senders box.

Remember not to open suspicious emails especially if there are links with it. In case there will still be messages that are considered spam after going through the whole process, you may still get rid of by clicking on the boxes beside the messages and click the Mark as Spam button. Nevertheless, it is easier nowadays to identify whether a message is spam or not based on the subject or the sender’s name.

How to change font size In Hotmail

How to change font size in hotmail.

Tiny fonts are so hard to read, and big fonts take up so much space… If you use the rich-text editor of Windows Live Hotmail, you can choose the perfect font size yourself.

Change the Font Size in Windows Live Hotmail Messages


To change the font size in a message you compose in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click on the Font size item in the message formatting toolbar.
Select the desired size from the drop-down menu that comes up.
Note: if you send a message using custom font sizes from Windows Live Hotmail, be sure the recipient appreciates it and is able to receive emails in HTML format.

You can also change the default font size for new messages in Windows Live Hotmail by doing this simple steps:

Please find the below given instructions to change the font size on your email account

1. Log in to your Hotmail account with your MSN email id
2. At the upper-right corner of the page, click Options and then select More options on the dropdown menu.
3. Under Writing email, click Message font and signature
4. Select the Font and size which you prefer. You may want to consider the person you are emailing to if they will be able to appreciate your chosen font and size. Too small for old people may give them a very hard time to read your email.
5. Click Save.

Another tip is simply hold CTRL button and plus (+) sign to enlarge your screen or zoom in.

How to Use CC On Hotmail

How to CC or carbon copy an email to be sent to multiple addressees.
The To: field, of course, is all you need to address a message in Windows Live Hotmail.

What if you want to avoid a long litany of email address in that field (say, when distributing your latest do-it-yourself adventures), or need to copy somebody
without their address visible to other recipients? this is easy and I’m sure you will be able to follow these simple steps.

For these needs, you get Bcc: — blind carbon copy. Recipients in this field will get a copy alright, but their addresses are deleted before the message is delivered (to all recipients).

Windows Live Hotmail does not expose the Bcc: field right away, but adding recipients to it is still easy.

Add a CC or Bcc: Recipient to a Message in Windows Live Hotmail

To add recipients to the CC or Bcc: field when composing a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

Click Show Cc & Bcc (right above the To: line and look to the right).
Type the desired recipient’s email address in the CC or Bcc: field or use the Bcc: button to select people from your contacts.
If you add more than one recipient, separate them with semicolons (like: “;”).
Using CC or Bcc:, you can also send an email to “undisclosed recipients” from Windows Live Hotmail. Just keep adding them in the To field as much as you want before sending the email.

Hotmail how to check login history which has now recently changed to has a special account security analysis page, which is called  “Recent activity.”
Well what exactly is it? Well, It’s a security feature, introduced by Microsoft within your inbox via which, you can see when and where you’ve used your account. In short it’s a page where you can see your Hotmail login history. For each activity done via your email address, the page keeps the data of several things. Such as the description of the activity, the date and time and the location from where the activity was occurred.


Why would someone want to view the Login history?
The “Recent Activity” page would be really resourceful if you think that someone-else is accessing your email account.
In other words it shows you whether or not your Hotmail account is hacked or if someone is trying to get into your account.
This security page accurately shows you the IP address and the operating system of the device that was used to sign in to your account.

View Hotmail Login History

Go to your Hotmail Inbox.
Click on your name, on the top right hand corner of the screen
Select Account Settings
Sign In using your email password, if prompted.
Select “Security & Privacy“
Click “See my recent activity” within Account security.
Scroll down and view the list of activities. If you see any suspicious activity such as “Successful Sign-In” from a location that you think is not your’s, then it’s high time you increase the security of your email account.